Acrobatics Kids

What is Acrobatics Kids?

Danceland is thrilled to offer acrobatics classes for kids, designed to help your child develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, all while having fun and building confidence. Acrobatics is a form of dance that combines gymnastics and dance techniques, and is a fantastic way to build core strength, improve balance, and develop body control.

Our acrobatics classes for kids are suitable for children of all levels of experience, from beginners to more advanced students. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through each step of the way, providing personalized feedback and encouragement as they learn and grow. Our classes emphasize safety, technique, and proper form, ensuring that your child is learning in a supportive and safe environment.

In our acrobatics classes, your child will learn a range of skills, including cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, and flips. They will also work on developing their flexibility and strength through various exercises and stretches. Through our classes, your child will build their confidence, develop their creativity, and make new friends in a fun and supportive environment.

At Danceland, we believe that acrobatics is a fantastic way for kids to build physical and mental skills, and to learn the value of hard work and dedication. Our classes offer a supportive and inclusive environment where your child can explore their potential, develop new skills, and build lifelong friendships. So whether your child is interested in pursuing acrobatics as a hobby or as a career, we invite you to come and join us for our acrobatics classes for kids.

Eliza Genethliou

Dance came into her life from an early age and she has taken part in many performances, in Cyprus and abroad.

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