Georgiana Theodorou
Passion for Ballet

Founder & Ballet Teacher

Dance came into my life from an early age. From the age of 3 I attended my first ballet lesson and I haven’t stopped since then. At the age of 8, I attended my first bellydance lesson and never thought I would end up loving this type of dance.

At the age of 14, I attended my first modern dance lesson and there I discovered the passion I felt through a single move. The chapter dance started to take a lead role in my life. I have taken part in many of my school performances, always having a leading role.


Performing School

I danced in many events. I attended ballet seminars with Ms. Galina Bogoeva and I have been examined by her for Ballet 4 & 5 of the Russian system. At the previous levels I have been examined by Ms. Grigoriadou. I have taken part in the International Dance Competition Hellas in 2014, winning 3rd place in the modern dance class and 4th in the ballet category.

I have also taken part in 2 bellydance contests, winning second place. I attended bellydance seminars with Asmahana, Natalia Amira Kuzmina, Lia Vera, Nelly Glikioti, Prince Kayammer, Nikola Kazako, Mahmoud El Mahmoud and many others.

In 2014 I was admitted to the Northern Ballet School in Manchester and since then I have been working professionally on my dream. At the Northern Ballet School I have been taught by Patricia MacDonald, Anton Alexandrov, Lisa Michelle Rowlands, Jackie Gray, Sarah Dickinson, Rachel Victoria Hernon in the Ballet, Lee Lomas, Andrew Margerison, Eric Carpenter, Dani Winters, Jazz, Judy Kent, George King, for the voice and musical theater, Emma Woods, Jo-Ann Cunliff, Anthea Garrat, Gavin Persand, Genene Elaine Bowers.

In the last year of my studies, I had been a protagonist in the performance of the school, playing Be Italian by Musical “NINE”.  A great thank you to my teachers, Marina Paraskeva and Samira Pavlangou, who believed in me.


  • Progressive Ballet Technique workshop in Manchester 2016
  • Vaganova teaching qualification in Greece 2018 by Mrs Galina Bogoeva
  • Ballet Teacher at Alexastero 2017
  • Ballet Teacher at Elli’s Riala dance school 2017
  • Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Teacher at The Ballet House by Marina Paraskeva 2017-today
  • Ballet teacher at Reflection Dance studio 2018-today
  • Owner and director of Galactica Danceland since 2018

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Ballet – Adults

Ballet is a combination of choreography and art in which the scenic design, lighting, costume, graceful movements and usually music take form.

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Ballet – Kids

At Danceland Studio we teach the Vaganova  system ballet which allows them to learn how to utilize their entire body and all of its muscle groups.

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Ballet – Mothers & Daughters

If you like ballet and feel that your daughter does too then our class is ideal for you as you learn to dance ballet and  create a bonding with your daughter.

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Stretching is physical activity that elongates the muscles being used. Each muscle contains stretch receptors which attach themselves to the muscle fibers.

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Modern Dance

Explore movement drawn from a variety of contemporary styles in a fun environment that develops musicality, technical proficiency, and confidence.

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Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

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