Rafaella Loizou
Passion for Creative Dance

Rafaella Loizou was born in 1992 in Limassol. From the age of 5 years she attended Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance lessons.

She studied Pre-School Education at the University of Cyprus while at the same time she obtained a Dance Degree from the University of Nicosia. She participated in dancing performances of mainly modern dance and now she is a teacher at a dance school as well as a teacher at a kindergarten.

Her love for children, dancing and creativity has led her to create the lesson of creative dance and improvisation, in which the child acquires the basic dance skills while at the same time strengthening his/her self-confidence and creativity, his/her imagination and acceptance and respect for the different.

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Creative Dance

Creative dance and improvisation was created for kids to help them build their confidence and self esteem through dancing.

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