Teodora Gencheva
Passion for Yoga

How I’ve got in touch with yoga. In the summer of 2012 my life was on crossroads. Heart and mind went to a different paths and the harmony was lacking. What path to follow? On the one hand – the heart, on the other – the mind, supported by family and friends. I had to take a difficult choice or find another solution – to restore the harmony. Looking for solution I started to interesting in spiritual literature and so I found YOGA. I googled the question “what is yoga?” and I found the exact answer I needed. Patanjali answers this question in sutra 1.2 with “chitti vritti nirodhah”, Sanskrit that commonly translates to “yoga being the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind”.


I understand, that yoga directs the process inward. It helped me look deep inside me, standing on the side and look the situation impartially, to take out all my fears, analyze and reach the answer, that they are not as scary as they look, but are simply the results of the imagination. So, I started to practice yoga daily and found more and more positives. Yoga has become a part of my life and my spiritual master. Practicing asanas, helped me to build strong and healthy baby, physically, on the other hand, helped me to improve my inner strength, confidence, determination and sustainability.

Meditation helped me to calm the mind, to turn inward, isolating myself from all external influences, to listen and trust my inner voice and letting lead me. The harmony was restored and I was ready to follow my path in peace. A few years later, here I am in front of you, thank to yoga, I’m a smiling, happy and positive person, in peace and harmony with myself. To teach yoga is a desire, long time ago, but thought I was not ready enough for this challenge. Finally in the beginning of 2018 decided that the moment is occurred. After a profound researches, I choose Lotos4ever, a resource partner of ISPA WORLD for training in field of Yoga, Pilates, Kinesiology, Healing gymnasts, ect.


I filled my application, after approval, I registered and started a four months training course. The training included 16 main themes, like: History and philosophy of Yoga; Anatomy of the human body – musculoskeletal system, nervous and endocrine systems, kinesiology and healing yoga, chronic diseases of the human body, nutrition, chakras, pranayama, meditation, ect. I had a wonderful teacher, called Daniela Dimcheva, who teach me in details about yoga science. I successfully passed all orals, writers and physical exams, I am a qualified Master Yoga teacher ISPA200CYT.

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Yoga is becoming one of the most popular workout regime among those who are looking to gain flexibility, strength and even lose weight.

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